June 1, 2023

This article is all about T20 World Cup Schedule. This season of cricket world cup will be played in different parts of Australia. The 8th T20 Cricket World Cup (2022 world cup), has been scheduled between October 16 and November 13, 2022. here it is the all details of group stage matches of this season.

World Cup 2022 Schedule

DateLocal TimeFixtureVenue
Saturday 22nd October, 202218:00hrsAustralia VS New ZealandSydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
Saturday 22nd October, 202219:00hrsEngland VS AfghanistanPerth Stadium, Perth
Sunday 23rd October, 202215:00 hrsGroup A Winner VS Group B Runner UpBellerive Oval, Hobart
Sunday 23rd October, 202219:00hrsIndia VS PakistanMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
Monday 24th October, 202215:00hrsBangladesh VS Group A Runner upBellerive Oval, Hobart
Monday 24th October, 202219:00hrsSouth Africa VS Group B WinnerBellerive Oval, Hobart
Tuesday 25th October, 202219:00hrsAustralia VS Group A WinnerPerth Stadium, Perth
Wednesday, 26th October, 202215:00hrsEngland VS Group B Runner UPMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
Wednesday, 26th October, 202219:00hrsNew Zealand VS AfghanistanMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
Thursday, 27th October, 202214:00hrsSouth Africa VS BangladeshSydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
Thursday, 27th October, 202218:00hrsIndia VS Group A Runner UpSydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
Thursday, 27th October, 202219:00hrsPakistan VS Group B Runner UpPerth Stadium, Perth
Friday, 28th October, 202215:00hrsAfghanistan VS Group B Runner UPMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
Friday, 28th October, 202219:00hrsEngland VS AustraliaMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
Saturday, 29th October, 202219:00hrsNew Zealand VS Group A WinnerSydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
Sunday, 30th October, 202213:00hrsBangladesh VS Group B WinnerThe Gabba, Brisbane
Sunday, 30th October, 202215:00hrsPakistan VS Group A Runner UpPerth Stadium, Perth
Sunday, 30th October 202219:00hrsIndia VS South AfricaPerth Stadium, Perth
Monday, 31st October, 202218:00hrsAustralia VS Group B Runner UpThe Gabba, Brisbane
Tuesday, 1st November, 202214:00hrsAfghanistan VS Group A winnerThe Gabba, Brisbane
Tuesday, 1st November, 202218:00hrsEngland VS New ZealandThe Gabba, Brisbane
Wednesday, 2nd November, 202214:30hrsGroup B winner VS Group A Runner UpAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
Wednesday, 2nd November, 202218:30hrsIndia VS BangladeshAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
Thursday, 3rd November, 202219:00hrsPakistan VS South AfricaSydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
Friday, 4th November, 202214:30hrsNew Zealand VS Group B Runner UpAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
Friday, 4th November, 202218:30hrsAustralia VS AfghanistanAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
Saturday, 5th November, 202219:00hrsEngland VS Group A Runner UpSydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
Sunday, 6th November, 202210:30hrsSouth Africa VS Group A Runner UpAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
Sunday, 6th November, 202214:30hrsPakistan VS BangladeshAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
Sunday, 6th November, 202219:00hrsIndia VS Group B WinnerMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
Wednesday, 9th November, 202219:00hrsSEMI FINAL 1Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
Thursday, 10th November, 202218:30hrsSEMI FINAL 2Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
Sunday, 13th November, 202219:00hrsFINALMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne

Teams and Group Details T20WC

After initial qualifier matches, there are 12 total teams are part of super 12. In that 8 teams were direct qualifiers based on the points and other 2 were selected from qualifiers. These 12 teams split into 6 teams each and formed group 1 and group 2.

Super 12 Group 1
New Zealand
Sri Lanka
Super 12 Group 2
South Africa